Parent Testimonials

"Every parent must consider various things when choosing a school for their children. For us, it was the need for a Christian ethos, good academics and a strong community. Here at PNACS we found all three and more. Our children are involved in sport, music and other extra-curricular activities. As our children have grown and developed as people there have been challenges, however we have always been supported. I happily recommend this school to anyone who is asking."   J.D-K 

"Both of my children completed their primary school years at Palmerston North Adventist Primary School. The smooth transition from Footsteps Adventist Pre-school to PNACS was excellent. Being right next door to each other meant that the move was seamless and my children were familiar with the school campus and the teachers.

I loved the caring and nurturing culture of PNACS where the committed Christian teaches were approachable and genuinely cared about each child’s learning and spirituality. The school as a whole reinforced the values we upheld at home – values such as respect, perseverance, honesty and kindness. They also taught my children conflict resolution skills and helped them to identify and develop their own unique talents.

The small student to teacher ratios meant that the classroom numbers were small enough for each child to thrive and reach their full potential. My children became self-motivated students and developed a love of learning.

The extra-curricular activities offered by PNACS provided opportunities for my children to be involved in sporting activities and learn a musical instrument, which proved to be a real bonus as they extended my children’s interests.

The multi-cultural student body at PNACS is one of its strengths as it allows children to appreciate and celebrate diversity. My children have made life-long friends at PNACS and have been provided with positive role models. I am grateful for the impact PNACS has had on my children’s lives." Tina

Our Location

Our Difference

- A Christian school where God comes first
- Christian values are taught and encouraged
- Caring family environment
- Student success, achievement and priority
- Small classes allowing more individual attention

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25 Snelson Street
Palmerston North, New Zealand

P: +64 (06) 357 6256