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“Letting Our Lights Shine”

This year, we have started a new program with the children called “GOLDEN TIME”. The idea of this is that the majority of our children are really great kids but often they get overlooked while we deal with the few who are a little more challenging. With Golden Time, these great kids get rewarded every week for just continuing to be great kids.

In this program, each child in the school is given 40 minutes Golden Time every Monday morning. Children also get to choose the special acitivity they would like to do that week. Children can lose their time in increments of 5 minutes but they can also earn their time back. On Friday just before lunch, the children can then spend the Golden Time they have left doing their activity of choice. It was wonderful to see so many children last week who had not lost any Golden Time at all. One class did a reflection on their week and for many children their aim was to make sure they get more Golden Time in the coming week.

Parents, if you have skills – sport, craft, cooking, wood work, science experiments, computing – and you are willing to take a group of children for 40 minutes on a Friday, please talk to the school. We would love to have your help to make this a trully rewarding time for our children.

Lyn Hann-Rolston

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